5 Tips to Prepare Your Commercial Solar System Perth for Winter

There are many different types of solar installations, some located in colder areas than others. If you have a commercial solar system in Perth or any other region in Western Australia, you may be wondering how to prepare your system for winter before it arrives. Here are five tips to get you started on keeping your Commercial Solar Perth system running properly all year long and saving you money on energy bills over time.

1) Keep an eye on system settings

With a commercial solar system, you probably don’t need to do much more than turn a dial or two. But with that said, it’s a good idea to know how your system is functioning and how it should be working; you can use tools like these as starting points for learning about your system. Ideally, you’ll look into them when things are running smoothly, so when problems do arise (which is inevitable), you’ll have a better understanding of what’s happening and how to correct it.

2) Clean off roof panels

Over winter, your solar panels can be affected by a buildup of dust and other contaminants. To keep them operating at peak efficiency, make sure to clean off any debris before it hardens into place. You should also lubricate motors and hinges. If your panels are wired into an inverter, you will also want to check that all wiring is still properly insulated before winter arrives so that exposed wires won’t become damaged or frayed from contact with snow or ice. When you clean off and lubricate your panels over winter, make sure you do so on a sunny day after temperatures have warmed up so that you don’t accidentally get drenched with water from melting snow or ice on top of your panels!

3) Reduce your energy use

According to studies, we’re already beginning to see signs of severe climate change due, at least in part, to greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, many scientists estimate that if we continue on our current path (something no business owner wants), it may only be a matter of time before global warming permanently wreaks havoc on our planet. As such, any efforts you can make as a business owner are better than none.

4) Have a maintenance checkup

No solar system can handle the extreme cold and hot temperatures like they were designed to withstand. A Commercial Solar Perth maintenance checkup should be conducted at least once a year, but many factors can change that timeframe. You should schedule your next visit with a professional soon after you notice any problems with your commercial solar system Perth, such as when you see dirty panels or decreased output from your solar panels.

5) Keep an eye on battery storage levels

If your solar system has a battery, check on it regularly during winter to make sure that its charge hasn’t dipped too low. The battery should be used primarily as a backup when panels aren’t producing enough power or when demand is high—not as a primary power source.

So, you’ve had your Commercial Solar Perth system installed, and now it’s time to start putting your panels to work. Before winter hits, here are a few tips to follow that will ensure your system runs smoothly over summer and winter. And as always, if you need any help with anything else about your commercial solar installation, don’t hesitate to contact professionals!