Arcade Craniacs is youtube personality and social media influencer Edward Centeno hails from the United States.

Who is arcade craniacs?

YouTube personality and social media influencer Edward Centeno hails from the United States. His YouTube channel is known for its hilarious and entertaining videos, which have garnered thousands of views each time they’ve been posted. For example, there are videos about winning carnival games, arcade games, and the viral video 3 AM on this channel. 

The net worth of Arcade Craniacs 

With more than 2 million followers on his YouTube channel, the American YouTuber has gained quite a following. His principal source of revenue comes from his YouTube videos, views, promotions, commercials, and companies. 

As a result, Arcade Craniacs make from $845 to $2,412 on average every video, and their estimated net worth ranges from $395.1k to $919.6k. 

Monthly views, country, subscriptions, and user interaction all play a role in determining the net value. For Arcade Craniacs, these stats suggest that their YouTube channel is making between $7.7 thousand and $22.1 thousand each month. 

Nikki Land and Arcade Craniac’s Relationship 

In terms of his love life, he’s probably single and content to spend time with his pals during his free time. His longtime girlfriend broke up with him in 2020, as well. 

In addition, he was romantically involved with fellow YouTuber Nicole, whose channel, Nikki Land, was launched on December 31, 2013, including videos from their relationship. On Instagram, she goes by the name Wwabisabi. 

Centeno, on the other hand, has not taken down any of her photos or videos from his social media accounts. Video footage of him sobbing and blaming himself for their break-up was leaked on October 12, 2021, after their split. 

This caused an uproar on social media networks where posts apologising to his ex-girlfriend had been tagged. 

Edward Centeno’s Arcade Craniacs girlfriend Nicole “Nikki” made some charges on Instagram on November 22. Despite these charges, the YouTuber has stepped out to deny them. 

Months after announcing their breakup, the two have been reunited for the first time. It was a long time before Nicole and Edward decided to go their own ways and stop filming films. Despite the lack of information concerning their breakup, Nicole has come up with some assertions on Instagram. Edward, who had been keeping his mouth shut, finally spoke out a short time later. 

Name of ex girlfriend nicole arcade craniacs name is Ex-Girlfriend of Edward Arcade craniacs Centeno Makes Allegations 

Nicole said she was “groomed by my ex beginning at age 17 when he was 23” when she spoke about Edward. She went on to say that there was more to the tale than people had previously believed by arcade craniacs among us. 

Nicole posted a photo of herself and Edward from Arcade Craniacs merch 2016 in another article. The girl in question claimed to be 17 at the time by arcade craniacs meme. 

Nicole posted a few additional posts from 2016 to back up her claim. Then she wrote: “Literally scroll down to arcade craniacs reddit and I have early entries from 2016, I just turned 23 and he is going to be 30!Please do the math for me. I’m fed up with you always mentioning him in my posts and making me feel like I’m not good enough. I’ve reached breaking point. What occurred to me is unbearable to contemplate.” Says arcade craniacs break up.

According to Nicole, Edward had attempted to befriend her by sending her a few screenshots of their chat. However, a week before Halloween, arcade craniacs nikki age severed all of her links. 

“I honestly want to be happy and for everyone to not speak about him every time I post because it is horrible,” she said in one of her last postings. Moving on doesn’t mean I’m a horrible person,” I said.

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