Conveying 2-Year-Old’s Body, Family Leaves On Foot After Failing To Get Van At Up Hospital

The kid had kicked the bucket on Friday, run over by a vehicle close to a bank in Baghpat, after his stepmother drove him away as was ceaselessly crying, said police

Baghpat, UP: Crushed under a vehicle, two-year-old Kala battled for poise in death as well. After his examination at the locale medical clinic in UP’s Baghpat on Saturday, the family couldn’t get a funeral car van regardless of solicitations, so his dad and sibling conveyed the body in their arms. They got the van as local people began making recordings and the specialists were alarmed.

The recordings have since turned into a web sensation, especially of Kala’s 10-year-old senior sibling conveying his body. The dad, Praveen Kumar, an everyday bet in Baghpat, didn’t have ₹ 1,000 to recruit for a vehicle to the family town, Lilonkhedi in Shamli locale, around 50 km away.

The two-year-old had passed on Friday — run over by a vehicle close to a bank in Baghpat, on the Delhi-Saharanpur parkway — after his stepmother, Sita, drove him away as she was bothered by his relentless crying, as per the police. She was captured from the spot — she argued she didn’t mean to hurt him — and the youngster’s body sent for after death assessment.

At the emergency clinic the following day, Praveen Kumar and his child Sagar were joined by a family member, Rampal, who said they over and over mentioned for any vehicle to convey the body. “The authorities ignored,” he said. “It was late,” said Praveen Kumar, “Thus, we got the body and left.”

In shock and crying, he got worn out after a couple of meters, and gave the body over to child Sagar. Rampal helped as well.

Individuals began recording recordings, after which the specialists organized a vehicle.


Boss Medical Officer Dr Dinesh Kumar later said, “We’d requested that they trust that the funeral wagon van will show up. Yet, they were troubled, and left right away. We will investigate why the van was postponed by any means.”