Delhi uncontrollable anger: Woman attacked, hauled by moving vehicle in Amar Colony region

A lady was hauled by two men and furthermore whipped in a street around evening time in Delhi’s Amar Colony region.

New Delhi: In a stunning occurrence, a lady was attacked by two men and afterward delayed the street in Amar Colony region of the public capital.

As per the reports, the lady, who was sitting in a private taxi, got down making progress toward mediate between two contending drivers out and about.

The lady needed to stop the contention, yet the men beat her up and afterward hauled her behind a moving vehicle.

The episode occurred two days prior in the public capital, where series of violations against females and over the top anger occurrences are widespread.

In the mean time, Delhi Police was brief to answer the grievance on their Twitter page. The police in no less than few hours enlisted a FIR for the situation and held onto the vehicle, which is as of now in the care of specialists.

“In an occurrence of assault on a lady in the space of PS Amar Colony including a Baleno vehicle, FIR was enlisted around the same time and one individual has been captured and the culpable vehicle seized. Further examination concerning the matter is in progress,” Delhi Police shared on Twitter.