Fast Breakfast Recipe: This Healthy Banana Oats Cocoa Smoothie Is Perfect For Weight Loss Diet

Fast and sound smoothie recipe: If you need to add more smoothie recipes to your menu for a more prominent assortment, we have an ideal one for you.


Looking for a fast protein-rich recipe for breakfast?This banana oats smoothie accompanies a pleasant chocolate flavour.Here’s a simple recipe to make it at home.

Not we all have the advantage of making an extravagant breakfast consistently. A large portion of the mornings are spent chasing after convenient solution recipes that offer us sustenance in addition to energy for the entire day, however don’t take a lot of time and exertion in the kitchen. You’ll all concur that smoothie is one such recipe that we can go to during such occasions.

Simply toss in your number one food varieties in a blender, add milk/curd and heartbeat away. To add more smoothie recipes to your menu for a more prominent assortment, we have an ideal one for you. You might have made banana smoothie ordinarily, yet what about evening out it up with additional body and some cocoa flavor as well? We can as of now envision you slobbering.

This banana oats smoothie is really simple to make with only a small bunch of fixings. Dietitian Akanksha J Sharda shared this delectable smoothie recipe of her Instagram page ‘_healthonmyplate’. It is loaded with proteins from milk, fiber from oats and different nutrients and minerals from banana. However, the feature is the expansion of cocoa powder for that extra yummy character.

This in one glass of euphoria! Furthermore, you won’t require over 5 minutes to make this healthy smoothie on a surged morning. This smoothie is under 300 calories so don’t stress over acquiring any additional pounds. Moving along, how about we look at the recipe for this chocolate-enhanced banana oats smoothie.

Cocoa Banana Smoothie Recipe I How To Make Cocoa Banana SmoothieTake half cup oats, 1 banana and mix them along with skimmed milk or oats milk. Likewise add 1 tsp cocoa powder. Presently with the presence of the sweet product of banana and cocoa powder, you don’t have to add any sugar! It will taste fine and dandy without sugar. Isn’t it astonishing?

Pour the smoothie is a tall glass; you can likewise finish off it for certain nuts and seeds for some more sustenance and energy.

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Never go a day without eating. With this simple and nutritious smoothie recipe, appreciate breakfast EVERY DAY.