Guide to buying Head Shaver

Features to look for in Men’s Head Shaver:

Head Shaver is designed for both wet and dry shaves. Whereas there are some which are meant for use either on a wet or a dry one. Thus, if you prefer one shave over the other, you should always be on the qui vive as to what can be specifically handled by individual head shavers. Just scroll through to know some of the key features that you should look for in Men’s Head Shaver before purchasing one.

  • Battery Life: The fewer recharges you have to make per month, the better it is. A drained battery right in the middle of shaving is really quite dismaying. It’s always a plus point if the Head Shaver comes with a low battery indicator. Also, it’s scientifically proven after a full charge, a lithium battery offers longer use.
  • Water Proof: This is a simple point. If the Head Shavers are waterproof, it definitely adds to its longevity.
  • Maintenance: You should always thoroughly go through the cleaning instructions of the Men’s Head Shaver before you purchase them. You should check the number of blades it provides and how easy it is to remove them for cleaning purposes. You should always opt for models that require intermittent oiling or cleaning.
  • Price: A sky-scraping price tag does not always certify that the product is better. Everyone, nowadays, is now on a budget, so there is no point investing inordinately for a Head Shaver. There are numerous affordable solutions available for you that can simply work wonders. Thus, always invest wisely in this segment.

Top 4 Tried and Tested Head Shavers for Everyday Use:

So, after lots of shaving and testing, we have listed down some of the opulent, top-of-the-line Men’s Head Shaver for men.

(1) Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro Head and Face Shaver: This Head Shaver is extensively commemorated mainly for its extraordinary performance in close shaves. It should be noted here that head shavers were hyped in the first place by this brand Skull Shaver. When compared to other models, the Pitbull Gold Pro is a bit exorbitant but the magnificent quality offered by it actually speaks for the price tag. The device facilitates easy gripping for a close shave primarily owing to its user-friendly design. In order to ensure that all areas can be equally shaved, the rotating heads have been vouchsafed optimal bendability.

This device can easily slide over the skin, ensuring a close shave, and also manages to snap hairs without skin cuts. Pitbull Gold Pro can last up to 90 minutes as claimed by the brand. A quirky feature of this product is that it collects the hair in an interior hair chamber. Thus, if you are looking for a mess-free close shaver, this Men’s Head Shaver should be on the top list of your priorities.

(2) Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver: If you are looking for the best waterproof Men’s Head Shaver, this will definitely be the ideal choice for you. While you are in the shower, you can just grab this shaver and take your time while shaving your head, without worrying about damaging it. Many users assert that this product can be completely inundated in water and still be fine. And that’s the reason that Remington doughtily advertises its waterproof features. The shaver features a carefree design together with great ergonomics. The shaver also features a very common design so when it comes to grip, you won’t feel much difference if you are previously acquainted with any of the other 5-rotating-head-shavers.

The 50-minute battery life is considered the major drawback of this Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver. But, if logically thought, no one would require 50 minutes whole time simply to shave their head, no matter how fizzante your hair is.

(3) Groomie BaldiePro Electric Head Shaver for Bald Men: Baldie Pro features a smooth shave technology that allows users to shave extremely close to the skin. A superb job is done by the 10,000 RPM motor of this Head Shaver which ensures smooth skin making you feel fresh. You can easily get the job done in just 3 minutes or so which turns down the need of scheduling a hair grooming session. Being a wireless device, even if you are on the move, you can easily take care of your dome. Although it is specifically designed for shaving bald heads but can also be used for shaving chest and legs. Once you purchase this product, you also get the complete shaving kit, containing exfoliation brushes, clipper guards, nose and ear trimmer, and much more.

(4) Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Grooming Kit: This product also comes with a handful of utilitarian accessories, just like the Baldie Pro. While most of the Men’s Head Shaver are sold with just one or two fundamental accessories but this FlexSeries Grooming Kit has it all that allows for a custom-tailored shave. The best thing that you would like about this product is the shave-to-the-skin feel. While you will be shaving your dome, you would just get the feeling that you are giving a little massage to your head with this electric shaver.