Turkish Bath & It’s Benefits

Envision your entire body shrouded in an exceptional olive oil bubble froth. You probably won’t be familiar with this treatment. It is substantially more than a normal back rub. A relaxing and sanitizing treatment scrubs the entire body. Hamam Bath is the most seasoned purifying bath custom on the planet. A wonderful treatment where your face, hands, feet, and hair are washed with normal olive oil cleanser. It is a cleaning and invigorating service enlivened by the veritable antiquated custom rehearsed in Byzantine times. The treatment advances prosperity for body, brain and soul and leave you skin feel smooth and look splendid.

What is a customary Turkish bath?

The treatment begins in one of our 2 different steam rooms. The Eucalyptus Aroma Steam is the one we particularly suggest. Your unwinding interaction starts here for the initial 15 minutes. The high temperature will set up your skin for the treatment. You will begin perspiring which will make your skin all the more delicate and flexible, and simpler to peel.

After that you will be taken to the Egyptian Rasul which is a private room inside our customary Turkish Room. Here you will set down on a warmed stone table and your body will be purged from head to toe. First the masseuse will scour your body for around ten minutes utilizing a Kese Mitt Glove. It is a true Turkish rough glove intended to eliminate the dead skin from the body which considers sound skin cells to have its spot. You may be astonished at how much skin stripping ceaselessly! This peeling system will set up your body for cleaning deep.

Then… you get bathed. You will be covered with regular olive oil cleanser froth. With a cotton fabric the masseuse will frame large white bits of froth and spread it equally all around your body. You will be tenderly froth washed from hair to feet. After that your body will be flushed with warm water.

Remember the coconut cream and honey veil that is applied to the entire body to help seal in the dampness and gives your skin a more young look.

Indulge yourself with this all out restoration and experience the many advantages of this purifying custom. Like massage therapy, turkish bath is also very relaxing.

* simply a heads up certain clients might encounter a rash or a hypersensitive response because of the deep cleansing

Turkish Bath Benefits

Assuming you permit your psyche and muscles relaxation during the turkish treatment you will profit from it in numerous ways.

  • eliminates dead skins
  • permits profound relaxation
  • facilitates muscle pressure
  • decreases pressure
  • works on the nature of your skin, lights up and mellow it
  • increments blood dissemination
  • assists with taking out poisons
  • decrease cellulite

The Turkish Steam Bath is a stunning piece of Turkish culture and we, Stay Elite have brought it here to Bokarina, Queensland. Entertain yourself with this interesting treatment 


While introducing such countless advantages, the Turkish bath isn’t suggested for everybody. There are, for instance, individuals who endure such high temperatures and humidity levels – and for which the experience would be everything except unwinding – and who could encounter pressure drops, unsteadiness, etc.

Regardless of whether you experience the ill effects of cardiovascular, venereal or kidney issues, it isn’t fitting to clean up, as well as to ladies who are pregnant or during the monthly cycle.

Regardless, it is vital to be extremely cautious about hydration as the solid perspiring that causes the Turkish bath can dry out the body and it is important to renew bountiful fluids (water, leafy foods removes, natural teas, and so forth) when completed the treatment.

Be that as it may, since it is a training not to be messed with, it is generally best to check with your primary care physician in the event that a Turkish bath is suggested or not.