Why is Primal Raw Cat Food the Ideal Choice for Your Pets?

Cats, whether domestic or wild, are predators by nature. Their primary source of food is preying on animals and eating them raw. Hence, when you adopt a pet cat, you shall feed it raw cat food instead of cooked whole meals, which often reduces the nutrients contents like vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, when your pet follows a rich diet with popular food items like Primal raw cat food, their health is greatly enhanced by its rich supply of nutrients. Thus, this renowned pet food brand shall suffice your cat’s nutrition needs to a great extent.

Benefits of Primal Raw Cat Food

Primal cat food ensures the overall well-being of your beloved pet by providing them with the right amount of energy and nutrients. Your choice in raw cat food brand often determines your cat’s health conditions and you must select quality raw food for their diet.

When you choose the Primal Raw Cat food, you will be served with the following notable benefits.

1.  Supplies efficient energy

A cat’s energy requirements are different from that of a dog’s and humans, although all three of them use the gluconeogenesis process to burn proteins in their liver. Here, the primary difference between cats and the other two species is that cats cannot stop or initiate the process depending on the availability of proteins. Hence, they need high protein from meat-based diets.

Raw cat food from Primal offers high protein content for your pets for its effective conversion to energy, keeping them healthy and active. This raw cat food, thus, fulfills your cat’s energy requirements efficiently.

2.  Improves urinary tract health

Cats, like other carnivorous species, have high moisture levels in their bodies and need to be sufficiently hydrated all the time for their healthy functioning. Normally, a cat’s moisture content ranges between 65% to 70%. To fulfill this requirement, most pet owners resort to this raw cat food brand. Primal raw food diet maintains this moisture content, preventing urinary tract inflammation and relative complexities caused by alkaline urine and dehydration.

Carbohydrate-rich food and food items with less moisture content like dry food items can lead to dehydration, causing major health complications among this group of animals.

3.  Regulates weight

Obesity among domestic cats is a major problem in current times. These severe health disorders usually result from overeating. This problem is greatly solved through nutrients-rich food items. Cats tend to overeat when the diet they are following does not suffice their requirements. In this case, they eat more often since the food they are having is not enough to provide them with vitamins, proteins, etc.

Thus, the best solution is to enrich your cat’s diet with Primal Raw Cat food, their nutrition needs are functionally sufficient, sparing the cats from the need for obnoxious overeating. Thus, they are full for a longer time.

4.  Enhances digestive health

Cats, regardless of its wild or domestic traits, are carnivorous animals that must derive their nutrients from meat. Thus, you must make sure that your cat follows a rich meat-based diet which is free of or low on carbohydrates. In fact, they don’t need carbohydrate-based food as their digestive organs have low tolerance towards it. Also, their tract is acidic, which processes raw food within a span of 12 hours.

Therefore, their bodies are not affected by food poisoning. A high-quality raw cat food complements the cat’s single-tract enzyme system, paving way for faster digestion.

5.  Healthy-maintenance of teeth

Although dental capacity and health are majorly influenced by genetics among cats, like other carnivorous animals, the diet often plays an important role maintaining this health. Among wild cats, this capacity is more powerful as they prey on animals and chewing on bones and meat makes the teeth stronger. Among domestic cats, chewing ability is often reduced and thus, they need to be enhanced and maintained through healthy raw food.

Feeding your cats Primal raw food is a great solution as it is low on carbohydrates which prevents plaque formation and resultant gum diseases.

6.  Less stool odor

You cat’s feeding habits have a major impact on their stool volume. Unpleasant stool odor and excess volume can be greatly reduced by organic raw food among domestic cats. When they consume less carbs and junk, their excretion habits are regulated, thus boosting their digestive functions.

Thus, Primal premium raw food enhances your cat’s health by supplying the required nutritional content.

Summing up, your cat deserves the best diet for their body to function healthily. Primal raw cat food is a great choice when you want to ensure improved digestive health, bodily functions and excreting habits.

Nevertheless, you need to consult a medical expert for your cat before switching diets, especially for younger animals. Also, make sure that the water bowl is always full and be attentive to their eating habits.