Misconceptions You Need To Know About Latex Mattress

We are all aware of the advantages that all-purpose natural mattress gives. However, there are cons too. When it comes to safest and healthier mattresses, latex mattresses are often considered the top choice. Apart from knowing its comfort efficiency, good durability, and hypoallergenic feature, a latex mattress is even good to keep the body aligned.

The count of pros is endless, and therefore the chances to have misconceptions are also high. That is what makes buyers confused about such high-quality and natural mattresses. If you are also piled up with some myths and confusion about latex mattresses, you are on the right page.

Here in the blog, we summarize misconceptions about a latex mattress that typically impact its sales compared with other mattresses.

Some Commonly Rolling Misconceptions About Latex Mattress:

They Are Expensive:

The cost may vary between mattress company-to-company. The range even ensures its quality, as latex mattress comes with a choice like natural latex mattress or synthetic else hybrid latex-layered mattress. However, the pricing of latex mattresses is budget-friendly, not overpriced today.

They Are From Sap, So Resembles Rubber:

People believe that natural latex mattress is made up of 100% organic sap of rubber trees, so it is similar to rubber. The elasticity is like tires, balls, and rubber bands. This also leads to poor durability and a short life span. However, the fact is latex mattresses, whether natural or synthetic, do offer good durability.

They Are Too Firm:

The firmness level of any mattress, including latex mattresses, depends. The efficiency of comfort and support in a latex mattress is also varied between the brands and quality of latex used. The most pick firmness in the mattress is medium firmness, as ensured to deliver maximum comfort to the body.

They Do Give Bad Smell:

Relatively not. The all-purpose natural latex mattress is 100% pure so that it won’t give any toxic smell. However, with years of use, all mattresses provide a terrible smell, which is common. For this, you need to keep it maintained and cared for. Synthetic latex mattresses, within a few years of use, do give a chemical-based off-gassing smell, which is harmful to health.

They Are Not Good For Back Pain And Bodyaches:

Health experts suggest natural latex mattresses or high-quality material mattresses for people with temporary to chronic back pain. Natural latex, hybrid, and orthopedic mattresses are designed to give your body complete rest and no risk to back alignment. People with regular stiffness and body pain in the neck, thighs, shoulders, legs, and back should invest in a good latex mattress. These are even good for relieving pressure points and improving comfort levels during sleep.

They Are Toxic To Environment:

Typically, not chemically treated mattresses are the most eco-friendly choice compared with other mattresses on the market. On average, a mattress span is 7-10 years, and an all-natural latex mattress can last for 15-20 years, which isn’t that amazing. However, the quality degrades with period and usability. Natural mattresses are biodegradable and ensure no environmental toxicity.

They Are Not Healthy For Hot Sleepers:

The biggest myth ever. Bodyweight varies during the time we are awake and while we sleep, which leads to sweating and hotness in bed. Natural latex mattresses are designed to give better airflow between the layers, thus keeping the body temperature regulated. Foam mattresses let people sleep hot as they have no proper breathability and airflow.


The Final Verdict:

If now you are planning for a mattress purchase, then visit Buy Sleepwell Mattress in Noida and other NCR locations. The misconceptions we shared above are completely baseless, so latex can be best whenever you go with the following mattress investment. Check for Latex Plus Sleepwell mattress to have comfortable and healthy sleep. However, you can easily find the Cheap Mattress In Noida, but pick the high-quality one that even ensures budget-friendly efficiency at a maximum.