Wearing Shoes Inside is a Good Idea After All. Here’s why

Leaving our footwear outside is second nature to most of us, mostly because of our upbringing and religious beliefs. Outdoor shoes carry a lot of bacteria, pollen, viruses, and fungi, besides dirt. The habit of leaving shoes at the door safeguards us from multiple health hazards.

But that does not mean we should not be wearing shoes inside. Yes, indoor shoes for women and other family members offer a broad spectrum of health benefits. Let us dig deeper and find out how wearing shoes inside benefits us.

Feel Comfortable at Home

Indoor shoes offer a calming effect after a hectic day. Footwear provides warmth and ease of movement during winter when the floor is icy cold. Walking barefoot is not advisable during the cold season, especially for seniors. Indoor shoes for women and seniors provide protection and comfort.

Prevention of Stress and Strain

Injury prevention is probably the most compelling reason to wear indoor shoes. Besides preventing common foot injuries, the best indoor shoes provide optimum support and cushioning to minimize pressure and strain. Walking or standing barefoot for a long time can worsen the biomechanics of the foot, causing foot deformities. Indoor shoes for women help them reduce the stress of walking or standing on a hard floor for hours.

Effective Relief for Arthritic Conditions

Painful swelling of the fibrous band of tissues (plantar fascia) can result in severe heel pain. The condition is known as plantar fasciitis, and wearing indoor shoes offers remarkable benefits in this condition. Try using indoor shoes India with firm heel and arch support to minimize heel pain. Wearing shoes inside is helpful in a variety of arthritic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Injury Prevention

Injuries like bruises, cuts, sprains, and stubbed toes are preventable if you choose the best indoor shoes for protection. Kids, seniors, and women are more susceptible to domestic injuries. Foot care is crucial in diabetes. Wearing shoes inside the home mitigates the possibility of cuts because of sharp objects lying around.

 Shoe design contributes to stability and balance. Cushioning of footwear reduces nerve pain in neuritis. You can prevent toe injuries by using shoes with closed toes. 

Key Attributes to Look For in Indoor Footwear

One needs to consider a few salient features while shopping for the best indoor shoes. Consider the following aspects while choosing the most suitable pair of indoor shoes in India.

The robust sole absorbs shock while maintaining firm support for the feet. Indoor shoes with sturdy soles ensure slip prevention with adequate traction.

Proper ventilation is vital in a humid climate. Poor breathability encourages fungal infections in individuals who experience excessive sweating. Properly ventilated footwear will reduce sweating and keep the feet dry.

Shoes or slippers that can bend in the middle are not suitable for supporting the arch. Individuals with painful heels should consider wearing athletic footwear for indoor use.

Thumb Rules for Indoor Shoes

Using indoor shoes is beneficial for everyone. Follow these guidelines if you wish to make the most of your indoor shoes.

Periodic inspection- Change your pair of indoor shoes if you notice a foul odor. Accumulation of skin cells or fungus growth can result in foot infections. Look for the presence of any obnoxious smell by routinely checking indoor shoes.

Use indoor shoes inside– Avoid using indoor shoes outdoors to prevent the possibility of germs accompanying you when you come back.

Replacing old slippers– Opt for a new pair of indoor shoes if the present pair of shoes is worn out or smells musty.



Most individuals need to stay indoors for extended hours as Work from Home is becoming a new norm. Indoor shoes for women and other members of the family help prevent foot injuries and provide comfort.