Top 10 Benefits of iOS App Development Over Android

Apple’s iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads, has earned itself a reputation for being an exceptionally secure environment. Even the best Android antivirus apps tend to fall behind iOS antivirus apps when it comes to security.

The iOS app development company prefers iOS for enterprises’ benefit. There are several reasons why iOS is more secure than Android, including Apple’s centralized approval process and Apple’s control over the hardware and software used in any Apple product.

The development of iOS apps is easier as it only needs code in only one language – Swift. Developing an app on Android requires coding in Java or Kotlin.

What’s More To iOS App Development With The New Oauth

The introduction of OAuth 2.0 into iOS has resolved a major pain point for iOS app developers, which can benefit enterprises with iOS apps. Apps now have an easy way to get user consent to access their personal data.

The OAuth 2.0 protocol enables users to share specific account information with third-party applications while keeping their login credentials, such as passwords, private.

iOS App Development

Let’s Dive In To Understand The Benefits Of Ios Over Android In Detail

  1. Better Security: Security has always been one of the biggest concerns for Apple, and it has taken several measures to ensure that its devices are safe from viruses and malicious attacks.For example, iOS provides security against data duplication, data encryption, data theft and For example, iOS provides security against data duplication, data encryption, data theft and maintains app data , data privacy & user identity in the Cloud.

    Unlike on Android devices, where there is a risk of malware infection through apps downloaded from third-party sources, there is no such risk on iOS devices because they only allow apps that are downloaded from Apple’s official app store – the Apple App Store.

  1. Better Monetization Opportunities: Apple’s App Store is a huge marketplace with more than 2 million iOS apps. According to the statistics, 90% of apps in Apple’s app store are downloaded each month, whereas, on Google Play Store, only 0.01% of users download an app.This enables you to optimize your app better on the app store. In many cases, iOS apps appear on the top of the search results in the App Store. Therefore, developers can benefit from better App Store Optimization (ASO) for their apps.
  1. A Clean Audience, Which Improves ReachabilityOne of the major benefits of iOS over Android is that iOS users are typically early adopters, which means that they will quickly adapt to new features. A considerable number of them are not willing to spend on apps even though they download a lot of them.They have a very clear idea of what they want, and if they like your app, they will recommend it to others as well. This helps you build a clean audience, which will help improve the reach of your app.
  1. Lower Abandonment Rate: The lower abandonment rate in the Apple App Store means that there is less competition from other developers. This is the benefit of ios for new entrepreneurs to compete with others.The abandonment rate of an app is calculated by dividing the number of times an app is downloaded by the number of times it is used within 30 days. Users will often download an app but not use it again after a few days, leading to higher abandonment rates.

    The lower rates mean that there are fewer users who abandon apps in the App Store, compared to Google Play, where there are far more abandoned apps on average.

  1. Greater Customer Loyalty In iPhone Users: iOS users are known for their loyalty toward the Apple brand and its products. They love the interface and everything Apple has to offer them.While Android might have a greater share of the global market, there is no doubt about the fact that iPhones have a greater share of the customer’s heart.

    If you are inclined already towards iOS app development over android then you can also add on to your knowledge by looking into this great compilation from a senior iOS developer on how to develop an iOS app – easy step by step guide.

  2. No Fragmentation Issues: Unlike Android, which has several versions and numerous devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, Apple has much fewer devices with just a few resolutions and screen sizes. So, it is easier for iOS developers to develop apps that work seamlessly on all Apple devices with no compatibility issues whatsoever.

  3. International Pace: Since iOS is quite popular in developed nations such as the UK, US, and Europe, you step into the international market and grow your business. Embrace an iOS strategy and make your business thrive in the global market.

  4. Better for Enterprise Apps Development (B2B): Well, when it comes to developing a business-centric app, it is always recommended to go for iOS. There are a lot of benefits of ios app development services for business. Since Apple caters to a niche market of high-income groups, it is easier for developers to create dedicated apps for a specific target audience.It’s also far more stable because Apple has complete control over the hardware and software. This makes iOS ideal for business apps that need to be highly secure.

  5. Appealing Designed Icons: This is because iOS in itself is a very clean interface. Smaller, simpler, and easier-to-use icons are preferred by iOS developers, which makes it easier for users to understand their application and use it. The app icons are easily visible in the background, and users have no trouble finding them.

  6. Brand Value: Apple itself is a brand, so you don’t have to work that hard on building a strong brand image for your app. When you launch an app over the Apple store, it automatically gets a brand value as it comes from one of the most trusted sources.


    Every coin has two sides, and there are some pros and cons in ios app development too. You cannot download apps from any source or developer, only Apple’s App Store is the official store for all the apps. Also, it is costlier than Android, and it takes more time to release an update. But if you are looking for a stable operation and security, then iOS apps are the best choice.

    We have justified our stand with above points but in the end which app development you prefer depends on the end requirements of youu business. Now you can easily go ahead without any doubts and get iOS application developed.Wait for no more and Hire iOS app developer to get a high end designed mobile app for your business.